About the Book


Once I was asked, if I could choose any animal in world that best described me, what would it be? My answer came quick and I said a cage lion. My reasoning was that I knew that I was a king but I felt as if I was caged. When an animal is caged it is in its most vulnerable and dangerous state. At first it is on guard and is constantly ready to attack anyone that get to close. But as time goes on the lion gets use to the cage and its surroundings and even learns to play with and wait on its captors. The caged lion loses his ideal self and becomes content to live within his cage and to see himself as his captors sees him.

Until one day the lion is set free in the wild. He then feels the power of his stride as he runs. After sometime his claws began to grow and as he sharpens them on the trees around him he remembers just how deadly one strike from his paws can be. He then realizes that he is a leader and protector, so he searches for a pride to lead and a territory to claim for his own. After many unsuccessful attempts to dethrone the other male lions he finally wins his first battle, but through the day long struggle he is freed of the mental cage. He no longer sees himself as a pet, or an entertainer of the crowds, or in way he had been taught to see himself. That day he saw his true self: intelligent, ferocious, strong willed, dominate, and able to overcome even the toughest of obstacles.  Now as he stands on the top of the mountain that overlooks his new territory and for the first time he begins to Roar.

Within the pages of this book I try to capture the essences of and imagery of my own cage. I lead the reader into my capture and my imprisonment in the cage. I allow them to witness the subtle ways and directions that tricked me into the cage. Then I show how the cage became my home that I fought to keep and live in. I demonstrate how through pain, fear, and toil I was freed from the physical cage but also how the mental cage continued to influence me. Until the realization that I am a leader and the desire to protect and help the African American youths emerged.



The Roar of an Uncaged Lion reveals to the world the struggles of one man with the hope that a connection will be made to the struggles of a greater population. People within and without of the community can gain the understanding that change and growth are possible for people who are dealing with generational ignorance and trauma.